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detectives were investigating a possible drug deal officers saw a man in a car pull out a gun. that's when officers fired their weapons. the car then took off. a few hours later the victim walked into university of maryland medical center with a gunshot wound to his arm. there is the fourth police involved shooting of the year. a pasadena man is under arrest charged in the murder of his wife. we're going to take you to jones drive. it's close to forth smallwoodj road in anne arundel county. jeff hager with more on this domestic murder. >> reporter: at midday the distraught daughter of jill saab returned to her home. her arm wrapped in bandages. evidence of a struggle not for her life but for that of her mother. >> early this morning 5:02 eastern district offes responded to a domestic assault at jones drive 7700 block of jones drive in pasadena. officers fire department personnel located a 38-year-old female inside the residence she was suffering from lacerations to the upper body. >> reporter: paramedics rushed
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her to baltimore medical center. they died at the hospital. theya crane operator her husband 18 years her senior. >> it appears to be a domestic incident. >> reporter: neighbors say the saabs kept to themselves but their house was always filled with kids jill ran an inhome daycare business. we're also told the saabs were in the midst of a divorce which may have set the stage for the stabbing a matter of hours before parents would show up to drop off their children. jeff hager abc2 news. >> police say stephen saab will be charged with murder and assault he's currently in police custody awaiting an initial appearance. abc2 is working for you tonight on our web site. it's posted the 12 questions police ask when dealing with domestic issues.
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and to find out if the situation could become even more dangerous. you will find the questions under our featured stories section right there on our home page. police have charged 23- year-old aberdeen man with raping a woman on sunday night in halferty x-rays. police spotted a woman signaling for help from a car. the 23-year-old woman claims she was sexually assaulted and raped by rondrae lark. the two were apparently in a relationship. he faces several charges including rape and assault. once you see the pictures you'll realize there is no going home again for those in the morning side apartment complex in owings mills. 13 townhomes are gone. so what happens to those who live there? here's abc2 news kelly swoope tonight, wife learned fire officials firing in owings mills was due to unattended cooking. >> this is what it looked like yesterday. it was a huge three-alarm fire and it spread quickly. but the damage done has left those who live there wondering what they are going to do now. one of the lucky ones is derek
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davis. davis lives in a one bedroom apartment the last four years. management has already found him another place to live. >> i didn't know if somebody called my i came here looked at the whole building from down through. it was just like you know, amazing. i couldn't believe it. thank god i had insurance and the complex you know they worked with me pretty good. real good as a matter of fact. >> reporter: management team is also working to find homes for the other families who haven't already moved in with relatives and the red cross is also lending a helping hand. kelly swoope abc2 news back to you jamie. to a developing story mta worker has died of meningitis. he went to union memorial hospital where the worker died yesterday. the health department and mta are telling us that this type of meningitis is not airborne and only the workers family is being treated with antibiotics. >> after consultation with
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infectious disease experts at the state health department as well as the centers for disease control, we have determined that there is virtually no public health risk from this sad and unfortunate event. now the mta held a meeting at the kirk avenue station where they answered questions as best they could. they also offered grief counseling to those who needed it. another heat alert for us but it looks like things are finally going to cool down. in fact we're 7 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday. wyatt. >> when we say it's getting cooler we mean it. it's snowing outside. no totally kidding there. but there is some decent rain activity in downtown baltimore. we see it on maryland most powerful radar. this was that stray shower in cockysville. came through towson and hit that center city heat and boom. it's interesting if you come out from this storm right in the heart of the city we're crystal clear. most of the action way down in
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southern maryland. so we're looking good most of us the rest of the evening here but watch out for that brief downpour downtown. tomorrow sunshine, low 80s until we get into the afternoon, then we're mid 80s. drier pleasant. does that hold up right through the end of the weekend. we answer that coming up. all right wyatt. now here's the latest on that amber alert that happened earlier this week in baltimore city. court documents indicate that derek brown, jr.'s dad received calls and text messages from a phone registered to 20-year-old nathaniel booker asking important more than $500 in ransom. police tracked the phone to booker's home where it was found under a chair he was sitting in. booker told police that raheem taylor and others planned to take brown to get the money. police are still looking for taylor at this hour. the promise of a fun filled night at a carnival ended in a split second last night for a pair of teenagers when a car struck them as they tried to cross ritchie highway. 19-year-old sean snyder and unidentified 17-year-old girl from pasadena had to be
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airlifted to shock trauma after a red chevrolet cavalier hit them. officers say the teens were wearing dark clothing trying to cross the highway without using a crosswalk. in light of the incident police are looking for ways to shore up safety surrounding the carnival. >> certainly with the carnival in the area we're working closely right now with state highway administration. we're looking at putting some sign boards out there some sort of signage to alert folks of the carnival. and also work with the fire department work with any measures we can take. >> snyder is listed in critical but stable condition. the female victim remains in critical condition with life- threatening injuries. the driver of the car struck them stopped speed and alcohol are not believed to be factor in this crash. city police officer theresa rigsby was released
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from the rehab center after being transferred from shock trauma. back on june 21st. she was standing on the shoulder of 83. when a driver lost control hit herrer throwing rigsby over a retaining wall. she underwent several surgeries before going into rehab. baltimore sun is reporting that former mayor sheila dixon is helping fellow democrats run against stephanie rawlings blake. she used to be close. but addition son she is she did not show good leadership. katherine pugh and city council president jack young. she also hint todd hinted to the newspaper she might consider running for mayor in the year 2015. no more smoking in howard county parks starting right now smoking is banned in all 57
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parks and recreation centers. this is due from an executive order from kenal man. the county is the first jurisdiction in the state with a total ban of any tobacco products in any county owned parks. today he talked about why this decision was important. >> one it's about secondhand smoke and 2 it's about sending the right messages to our kids and to folks out here enjoying the outdoors and getting some exercise. just as howard county was a leader in indoor smoke free environments and smoke free workplaces, we're a leader in protecting folks in all types of environments including county parks. >> enforcement is going to be on a voluntary basis but if a smoker does not put out a smoking product they could be asked by the park staff to get off the property. and the columbia mall is going to host its third annual girls night out tomorrow. the event is scheduled to start at 5:00 at centre court. it's going to benefit the habitat for humanity of chesapeake.
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the first three hundred registered shoppers will get a girls night out goody bag any shopper that makes a 10-dollar donation to has been dat will be able do get into the vip air. registered shoppers will have access to special offers. a truck driver working for baltimore's lumber happens to be in ocean city today when he finds out the company he works forgot the low bid in supplying the lumber to rebuild the boards walk. ocean city officials told us 18 companies wanted this job. and grass lick will get the job again. work will begin in october. are you paying attention what's going on in washington? you better because what democrats and republicans decide or don't agree to is going to have a major impact on all of our lives. and book element u. s. women's soccer team is heading off to the world cup final where they are going to play japan or sweden. wyatt. kind of a mess out there.
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in fact as we take a look you can see rain coming down. 92 today and 91 was the two degree guaranteed forecast. we have a winner marcia spec out of westminster congratulations to you. the heat though will be going away and when will this downpour in the city go away. talk about that coming up. @póo
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. we got to be worried about what's going on in washington. the clock is ticking down towards the deadline for raising the debt ceiling and democrats and republicans are no closer to reaching a deal. today congressional leaders met
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with the president at the white house for the fourth straight day. since it appears republicans won't agree to tax increases and democrats won't agree to entitlement cuts many are looking at senate minority leader mitch mccome plan that would give the president new powers to increase the debt limit without congress. >> we appreciate the fact that senator mcconnell's proposal is effectively an acknowledgment of what we had said all along that there is no alternative to the united states honoring its obligations. that we cannot play a game of chicken with the full faith and credit of the united states government. >> now there are some conservatives who discount that defaulting on the nation's debt would be disastrous. michele bachmann accused the president of holding the full faith and credit of the country hostage over the debt limit increasing. she is proposing a bill to only pay members of the military if the deal isn't reached. so this is why we should all care about the debt debate. it concerns our grocery store, the mall, your mortgage, and
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credit card payments. abc2 news breaks it all down for us tonight. >> reporter: why has default been the dirtyest word in washington's debt ceiling debate. >> default is not an option. >> reporter: it would be first of its contained financial event for the u. s. one expert offers this national. >> it would be like if you have a car and took all the oil out of the engine. >> reporter: economists projected the default would hit the bank account checkbooks of every american. it could seek the value of 401k's retirement investments and u. s. dollar too potentially adding a premium to anything on store shelves that's imported. >> there would be higher prices across the board. this would be more difficult to get loans for individuals for small businesses. >> reporter: mortgages would be virtually out of reach slowing down annular sluggish housing market. >> there wouldn't be any liquidity. interest rates would skyrocket,
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you wouldn't be able to borrow money. >> reporter: higher interest rates would make loans from everything from cars to college education more expensive. >> that's going to adds up over time it's going to affect people's mortgage rates it's it's going to affect our credit card rates. it's going to affect everything they pay that's any kind of loan. >> reporter: and the government would face tough decisions about who to pay with its cash flow, including checks for social security and military pay. all part of the worst case scenario many hope to avoid. in washington karen caifa abc2 institution. >> more more on the debt limit showdown between republicans and democrats make sure you tune in to worlds news in 13 minutes. all right. our severe thunderstorm watch we had earlier this afternoon compared for all but the lower eastern shore and all the way down in the southern tip of the state. it's mainly a virginia thunderstorm situation right now.
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there are some downpours we'll show you that in just a second. had a heavy one in downtown just over the last 10 to 15 minutes. 77 at the airport. temperature climbing again after cooling off and there's a passing rain showers this afternoon. in fact i want to take you into the radar pictures right now and you can see. i mean, this is the storm not really storm but downpour at least that went through center city. kind of increased its intensity and now we're getting a downpour through dundalk and out towards essex and maybe little bit down through the southern part of the state. that's where we're seeing more of the activity now. even here we're beginning to clear out from north to south. temperatures are in the upper 70s to upper 80s. depends exactly where you are. but hagerstown has bounced back. humidity has been decreasing. that's a good thing. heat index value right now of 90, though, in the city because of, well the rain has probably dropped that some but at the top of the hour that's was we had because temperatures are climbing back up.
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humidity was still in play and that made for a pretty hot steamy scenario out there. again although humidity is very high around the city and pounds southward where they are getting left over rain take a look in hagerstown 31% so drier air is marching in out of pennsylvania dropping the humidity levels and that drier air will make its presence felt around baltimore annapolis and the eastern shore as we get into later this evening toward the early part of the nights. satellite radar picture, there's that line of storms that came through earlier this afternoon. briefly prompted that thunderstorm watch, but again right now things are improving as drier air moves in out of the north. now, widespread showers and storms all across points to the south. you got a flight in late today say charlotte north carolina or down toward charleston, south carolina or into the south like birmingham, there are big storms in that direction. but most of us will begin to see clearing across the mid atlantic as milder air moves in. we have a canadian high coming down the pike that's going to
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spell several days of sunshine they had it today in places like pittsburgh and cleveland. there they had had the sunshine and dry air. that moving in for us tonight and will mean much better weather into the day tomorrow. you can see the difference here. this is our sort of overall moisture map, if you will. yeah, we still got high humidity here but we're right on the edge of that very humid airmass. this will shift south tonight. we'll wake up to much drier and more pleasant weather. that's for sure. and chances for rain are going to be pretty minimal next 2 to 3 to 4 days. still a stray shower possible this evening. we dry things overnight. lot of sunshine tomorrow high uv index still will be like me last sunday at the pool kind of think you have a base tan because i didn't. you will need that sun korean stole and again on friday. finally things we'll maybe see a few more clouds and a little more humidity over the weekend. but i think we'll be dry. always keeping an eye on the trop is this time of year but we've seen very, very little since our first named storm
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along the mexico coast earlier this season. last month just some scattered convection down here. there's one disorganized area east of, yeah east of bermuda. we'll keep an eye on that but right now things are all clear in the trop. >> reporter: overnight 65 partly cloudy some late clearing. tomorrow 75. how's that for a two degree guarantee. not even in the 90s not even in the upper 80s. tomorrow night down to 62 mostly cloudy and cooler. and i meant to get to the 7-day forecast. check us out on facebook too jamie. i'm telling you man. let's get you that 7-day forecast. trying to get to 600 friends on there we'll see what happens. 7-day forecast this weekend jamie look at this. 80s throughout sunday evening. quite a bit milder my friends. >> that's flies. tonight for him begins a stretch of how many days in a row you will have crabs? 7. >> at least 2 out of the next 3. we're going heavy on the old
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bay. >> watch this. >> hey charm city you got a contestant on jeopardy. hey baltimore this is sara pal. watch me on jeopardy. >> tune into jeopardy cheer for your hometown favorite tonight at 7:00. >> you heard alex we got to watch tonight. sara pal is on it she's going to be here abc2. she gets everything right. don't miss another peanuts classic lucy must be traded charlie brown that's tonight at 8:00. all right another hot and humid day some rain thrown in for good measure wyatt will wrap it up tell us it's going to be real nice tonight and tomorrow the next couple of days. we'll be right back.
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. >> for the first time since brandy chastain ripped off her jersey in victim information in 1999. the u. s. women's soccer team in back in the world cup finals. u. s. fans dressed in their red white and blue in germany the u. s. got on the board early. 9th minute. heather o'reilly 1-0 u. s. france would tie it in the second half but the u. s. would finish it off late. 79th minute corner kick finds
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abby warm because who finishes with a header. 2-1 u. s. amex morgan breaks free and hits the perfect pit shot. the u. s. will play in japan. good stuff. >> usa baby. come on now. let's do it. jamie, weather looking up for us this evening. got a downpour on the east side moving out of the dundalk area right now. you see most of the heavy weather is now far south in the state and will continue to move out tomorrow. look at this. sunshine and mid 80s my friend. enjoy that. you're going to get out on the links or something. >> i just did today. got to do it again. got to keep going. >> tomorrow would be a good day for it. >> that's all for us on abc2 news at 6:00 i'm jamie costello with wyatt we'll see you at 11:00. world news up next with diane
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sawyer. have a great night.
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